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Moseley Lab Publicly Available Software and Related Published Results


Several high-quality, well-maintained software packages developed by the lab are under the MoseleyBioinformaticsLab account on GitHub.
  • These packages are well-documented and designed for easy reusability by others.


Python library for reading, writing, and accessing BMRB entries in NMR-STAR and JSONized NMR-STAR formats.


GOcats is an Open Biomedical Ontology (OBO) parser and categorizing utility, currently specialized for the Gene Ontology (GO), which can help scientists interpret large-scale experimental results by organizing redundant and highly- specific annotations into customizable, biologically-relevant concept categories.
Concept subgraphs are defined by lists of keywords created by the user.


jpredapi is a Python library for submitting jobs to JPRED - A Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Server.

Data Visualization and Quality Control Library

Set of useful R functions for calculating various measures from data and visualizing them.

Lab FTP, Servers, and/or FigShare

Older packages developed by the lab and/or published results maintained for scientific reproducibility.

SSNMR Assignment Software Suite (SASS)

Proof of concept software demonstrating automated protein resonance assignment of magic angle spinning solid-state protein NMR peaklists.


High-throughput natural abundance correction software for stable isotope resolved metabolomics (SIRM) experiments

Chemically Aware Substructure Search (CASS)

Software for building and searching functional group annotated metabolite databases.

Metal ion coordination analysis software

Software for analyzing metal ion coordination in PDB entries.

Son of Bayesian Model Optimized Reference Correction (SoBaMORC)

Web service and software that performs chemical shift reference correction for unassigned NMR peak lists.
  • Link to web service coming soon.
  • Link to FigShare repo coming soon.

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