Include Topics and Web Pages Using %INCLUDE{...}% Macro

Embed topics, or subsections of topics, or other web pages.

The %INCLUDE{...}% macro embeds the content of the specified topic at the place where the INCLUDE is used. The whole content or only parts of of a page can be included.
HELP If permitted in configure, content from any arbitrary URL may be included also. This is disabled by default because it may be used for malicious purposes, especially on public installations. See: Security and Authentication > Environment > {INCLUDE}{AllowURLs}.

HELP If your web server connects to the internet via a proxy server, Proxy settings should be set in configure. See: Security and Authentication > Proxies > {PROXY}{HOST}

Syntax Example

   PARAMETER2="Some value"

The pattern parameter is optional and allows you to extract some parts of a web page. Specify a RegularExpression that contains the text you want to keep in parenthesis. It may be helpful for the pattern to match more than just the text you wish to keep, e.g. pattern="Some prefix(Start here.*?to here)". If needed, the pattern may even scan from start ('^') to end and match the whole topic, e.g. pattern="^.*?(from here.*?to here).*".

You need to make sure that the integrity of a web page is not compromised; for example, if you include a table, make sure to include everything including the table end tag.

The example parameters PARAMETER1 and PARAMETER2 will be defined as macros within the scope of the included topic. The example parameters shown will result in %PARAMETER1% and %PARAMETER2% being defined within the included topic.

VarINCLUDE explains the other parameters.

HELP All text of a topic is included unless it contains a %STARTINCLUDE% and %STOPINCLUDE%, or you specify a section parameter (see STARTSECTION and ENDSECTION) and/or a pattern parameter. A pattern will only search between %STARTINCLUDE% and %STOPINCLUDE% or within the section specified.

Usage Examples

1. Display regression test results


2. Display's frequently asked questions

  • You type:

  • You get:
This site does not allow %INCLUDE% of URLs

ALERT! Including URLs is disabled by default as it presents a security risk. It may be enabled via configure. Only enable this if you understand the risk.

3. Include a topic

  • You type:

  • You get:

tip Tip of the Day

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4. Include a topic MyTopic with two parameters

You include the topic with this line
  %INCLUDE{"MyTopic" BETTER="apples" WORSE="Oranges"}%

An example of a very simple MyTopic could contain

   * I like %BETTER% better than %WORSE%.

The result would be

  • I like apples better than oranges.

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