Question: How do I delete or rename a file attachment?


You can move and delete attachments directly from your browser. Moving lets you transfer an attachment from one topic to another. Delete moves an attachment to the special TrashAttachment topic in the Trash web, where it's hidden but can be "undeleted" with system administrator access.

TIP you cannot directly rename an attachment in the current Foswiki release, but you can move it to a different name in the same topic, effectively renaming it.

Different skins have different ways to do this. The default PatternSkin has a 'manage' link in the FileAttachment table, that then gives you the option to Delet the attachment.

HELP The configuration of your site and your own access permissions determine whether you can access these functions.

HELP For system administrators: To remove an attachment permanently move it to the Trash.TrashAttachment topic. If you are using one of the file-based stores, you can then delete the relevant files/directories manually from pub/Trash/TrashAttachment.

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