What Needs to Happen Every Week for SBOI

There are a few things that need to happen every week for the SBOI Journal Club.

1. Email Speaker 2 Weeks In Advance

So that the seminar announcement can go out on time, the speaker should be emailed 2 weeks in advance asking for a title, abstract if applicable, and making sure they can still present.

Double check that there is a PRD for the upcoming seminar date, if not you will need to contact Arts & Science Business Office.

2. Email Seminar Announcement

The seminar announcement should be mailed out by Thursday every week. If you are on the SBOI list, then you have a copy of the announcement. Alternatively, you can get a copy from the web archives, here is an example.

Change the Date, Presenter, and title of the presentation.

Also make sure to BCC Tina Howard in Statistics so she knows that we will be having a food order.

3. Modify Wiki if Required

The wiki page for the schedule may also need to be modified.

4. Send out Second Reminder on Monday

People are still having trouble adjusting to the seminars being on Mondays, you probably need to send a second announcement that Monday morning.

5. Meet Pizza Person

Wherever the seminar is going to be, the pizza (hopefully ordered by Tina Howard in Stats) is supposed to be there for 12:45pm. Therefore, you need to be there for 12:45pm. Take the SBOI signin sheets and PRDs from the counter in the lab. We do not want to upset the pizza delivery people. When pizza shows up, add $5 for a tip, sign, and give them the correctly dated PRD. Anyone can sign this really. Keep the yellow copy, and put out the signin sheet and the pizza.

6. Afterwards

Scan Signin & Receipt and Email

After the seminar, use the lab printer / scanner to scan the sign-in sheet and the receipt.

Save these to your own docs folder, and please send a copy of each to Tina Howard (tina.howard@uky.edu) and the A&S IBU (asbc@uky.edu).

Send Original Receipts

I'm not sure what we are doing with original receipts now.

Update Wiki with Presentation Slides

If presentation slides are made available, attach them to the wiki page for the schedule and put a link under the presentation date.

-- RobertFlight - 25 Aug 2014
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