Administrative Structure and Oversight

We are always looking for volunteers to help in the oversight (faculty) and direct management (students, staff, and faculty) of the journal club and seminar series.

Administrative Structure

  • A group of 3-5 core faculty will oversee the journal club and seminar series.
    • This group could change from semester to semester or year to year.
    • Direct oversight will be delegated to a group of 1-3 postdocs when practical to do so.
  • Possible papers to present can be suggested by anyone, but then approved by the administrating faculty and postdocs.
    • List of possible papers to present will be maintained on the journal club wiki page.
  • Schedule of journal club will be maintained on the journal club wiki page.
    • Weekly reminders will be sent out via a listserv.
    • Presentations will be annotated based on expected interest to different groups:
      • High computational interest.
      • High statistical interest.
      • High analytical interest.
      • High biological interest.
      • Broad mixed interest.
  • Presentations on published paper(s) will be made available on the journal club wiki page, when feasible.
    • Plan to use Echo360 to record presentations in the future.

Faculty Oversight Committee

Direct Management

  • Robert Flight - Biochemistry (transcriptomics, metabolomics)

SBOI ListServ

Editing Access on the SBOI Wiki

  1. Register to create an account.
  2. Email Robert Flight ( or Hunter Moseley ( to be granted access.

Future Improvements

Incorporate Recommendations for Improving Bioinformatics Communities

  • We will incorporate recommendation from A Quick Guide for Building a Successful Bioinformatics Community.
    1. Ensure membership in a community brings obvious benefits to its members
      • Weekly journal club is providing most of the obvious benefits.
      • Need to use journal club to foster more collaborations and highlight these collaborations as a benefit.
    2. Provide a description of the goals, vision, and mission of the community that are accessible, clear, and concise
      • Part of this is described on home page.
      • Need to create mission statement.
    3. Facilitate communication between members of the group
      • SBOI Listserv and website are the primary methods.
    4. Establish and communicate a clear, transparent organizational structure
      • This administration page provides this.
      • Need to rotate responsibilities in a periodic manner with by-laws.
    5. Whenever possible, make your communications open and transparent
      • SBOI Listserv and website are addressing this.
      • Need to start using echo360 to record presentations.
    6. Make it easy and enjoyable to participate in the activities of the community
      • Need to provide more support for presenters. Need to brainstorm on how.
    7. Acknowledge and highlight contributions to the community
      • Presenters get instant recognition of their efforts. Website also a recording of who has contributed.
    8. Be aware that resources are essential to achieve the goals of a community
      • We are advertising where resources are coming from.

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