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Staff Positions

Postdoctoral Associate - Biochemist

The University of Kentucky’s Center for Environmental and System Biochemistry (CESB) is seeking a full-time Research Associate to interface with investigators of the nation’s newest NCI-designated cancer center, the Markey Cancer Center (MCC), to assist in experimental design, schedule provision of samples and analyses, conduct analyses and data analysis, and manage any other logistics of the analytical pipeline for these investigators. The incumbent will be the principal contact for MCC investigators utilizing the metabolomics resources of MCC, and will liaise with the analytical instrument managers, operators, and PIs of the CESB.. Details of duties will depend on the candidate’s background as well as skill set developed under training proved by the CESB, but will include: (i) preparing and submitting samples to the appropriate analytical platforms, which are principally mass spectrometry (MS) and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) (ii) Submit and/or conduct the metabolite analyses as well as majority of the data analysis which consists of metabolite identification and quantification, as well as isotopologue and isotopomer distribution analysis, normalization, and basic flux analyses. (iii) Conduct QC/QA of analyses to determine whether samples, sample preparation, and any other aspect of analysis are adequate and carry out corrective actions if analyses are inadequeate. (iv) Assist in training of personnel on metabolomic experiments and analysis as directed. (v) Maintain accurate and detailed records of samples analyzed. (vi) Prepare reports of results of samples analyzed, including preparing data sharing uploads to NIH data repositories as required. (vii) Conduct billing and prepare invoices for sample analysis as necessary. (viii) Interact with CESB personnel, PIs, and MCC investigators to resolve any issues, as necessary. (ix) Assist any MCC faculty with writing proposals and papers based on studies to be performed and samples analyzed. An extremely high value is placed on accountability and timely followthrough of the duties.

Postdoctoral Associate - Mass Spectrometrist-ICPMS

  • Main Laboratory Skills:
    • ICP mass spectrometry
  • Description:
    • The Center for Environmental and Systems Biochemistry (CESB) (http://bioinformatics.cesb.uky.edu/bin/view/RCSIRM/AboutUs), University of Kentucky is recruiting a postdoctoral scholar with ICP-MS expertise to start immediately. The incumbent is expected to conduct NIEHS-funded research on speciation of organometalic (especially arseno and seleno) compounds and proteins present in mammalian cell cultures, animal and human tissues using IC-ICP-MS, as well as element imaging of tissues by employing laser ablation coupled to ICP-MS. CESB houses a state-of-the-art Agilent 8800 ICP-QQQ, coupled to a Dionex ion chromatography LC ICS-5000 and a laser ablation unit to be purchased this Fall. In addition, CESB is well endowed for organic mass spectrometry including two Thermo Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid and a Bruker SolariX XR mass spectrometers capable of ultra high mass resolution. Together with high-field automated NMR spectrometers (recently installed 14.1 T, to be installed 16.5 T) and an MRI/MRS system (9.4 T capable of microimaging and spectroscopy), CESB develops and conducts cutting-edge stable isotope-resolved metabolomic (SIRM) research to gain mechanistic understanding of human diseases with a focus on cancer. CESB maintains a multi-disciplinary research environment enabling diverse collaborations involving metabolic biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, biophysics, analytical chemistry, histopathology, bioinformatics, and clinical translational sciences. Salary will commensurate with experience. Please contact Drs. Teresa Fan ( twmfan@gmail.com) or Richard Higashi ( rick.higashi@uky.edu) for application and further information.

      As a postdoctoral scholar, you are eligible for University health benefits and you will be entitled to fifteen (15) working days of vacation in addition to the holidays observed by the university staff. For a description of your eligibility for other University benefits, please consult the UK Administrative Regulations, AR II-4.0-1, available on the UK web site.

      For more information, please see http://www.uky.edu/HR/working/.

Student Positions

We are always looking for enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate students that want to learn cutting-edge SIRM methods and research.
Please contact us to discuss opportunities.
  • We accept graduate students from the University of Kentucky's IBS Program.
  • There are opportunities for undergraduates via the University of Kentucky's STEPS Program.

Lexington as a great place to live!

  • According to the April 27, 2009 edition of the Lexington Herald-Leader, Relocate-America has ranked Lexington in the top twelve cities to live in America for 2009. Relocate America states that the average home prices and overall home values have remained very stable. Sales statistics show that the median and mean price of housing has remained virtually unchanged over the last few years. Lexington has many suburban developments that are very well established and desirable places to live throughout the community.
  • According to Business Week - July 10, 2009 edition, Lexington, Kentucky was chosen as one of the top ten most affordable places to retire due to the low property taxes, cost of living, universities, horse farms and the very diverse economy with a mix of agriculture, government, health care and education.
  • According to August 2009 issue of AARP Magazine, Lexington, Kentucky was chosen as the seventh best city to reside for retirement living.
  • In the November 2009 issue of Fortune Magazine, Lexington, Kentucky was chosen as the sixth best medium size cities to launch a new business.
  • According to the April 15, 2010 edition of Forbes.com- Lexington was ranked the ninth best place for business and careers among the 200 largest metro areas in the U.S.
  • The foreclosure rates for Fayette County Kentucky, according to the realty trac is at a rate of one per every 1479 households, which is an 18% decline from October 2010. according to the Mortgage Bankers Association in Kentucky - approximately four percent of the total mortgages in Kentucky are delinquent which is below the national average - currently at 6.8%.
  • Lexington, Kentucky was recently ranked number 5 by the Wall Street Journal for the best markets for investing in the August 2010 report.
  • According to the March 17, 2011, edition of the Lexington Herald-Leader, Manpower Employment Agency states the Lexington's area job market is to be the strongest in the nation in the second quarter of 2011. This is based on 28 percent of local firms expect to be hiring in the second quarter of this year and 65 percent of local firms are going to maintain their current staffing levels.
  • As reported on Kentucky.com in July, 2011, Forbes magazine names Lexington, Kentucky, as the fourth best places for business and careers in a national ranking.
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