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Acknowledging the Center

You must acknowledge the Center's grant number (1U24DK097215-01A1) on any of your publications using the facility and send us an electronic copy of the published work (e.g. we thank the support of the Resource Facility for Stable Isotope Resolved Metabolomics funded by NIH grant # 1U24DK097215-01A1).

Grant Funding

Center Faculty

Summary of extramural funding for Center faculty.
  • Grants include at least 1 Center faculty as PD, PI, or co-I.
PD/PI (Center co-I) Grant / Title Period Total Award ($M)
T. W-M. Fan (Higashi, Moseley, Nantz) 1R01ES022191-01 - Integrated Chemoselective and Informatic Platform for Large-Scale Metabolomics 10/01/12 - 06/30/17 2.24
A.N. Lane (Fan, Yan, Higashi, Moseley) 1P01CA163223-01A1 - Systems Biochemistry in Lung Cancer: Toward a Mechanistic Understanding of NSCLC 03/01/13 - 02/28/18 7.13
H.N.B.Moseley NSF 1252893 - CAREER:Developing Biochemoinformatics Tools for Large Scale Metabolomics Applications 07/01/13 - 06/30/18 1.1
R.M. Higashi (Fan, Lane, Moseley) 1U24DK097215-01A1 - Resource Center for Stable Isotope-Resolved Metabolomics 09/11/2013 - 08/31/2018 8.7
T. W-M. Fan (Higashi, Moseley) BCAL Ltd. Blood Exosomes in Breast Cancer (contract) 1/14-6/17 0.63
T. W-M. Fan, A.N. Lane NCI Targetted Opportunity Collaborative Agreement 9/1/14-8/31/17 1.25
R.M. Higashi (Fan, Lane, Moseley) U24 Administrative supplement-Ring Trial 9/1/14-3/1/15 0.038
J. Albrecht (Fan, Lane, Higashi) NIDDK R01 DK054921-15 Cyclin D1/CDK4 Complex in Hepatocyte Proliferation (subcontract) 5/1/14-4/30/16 0.17
T. W-M. Fan (S. Arnold, J. Martin, A. Lane) KLCRP Biomarker Discovery by Interrogating Lung Cancer Lipid Metabolome

7/15-6/17 0.15
K. Ghoshal (T. Fan) NIH R01 Role of miRNA-122 in hepatocarcinogenesis using conditional knock out mice (subcontract) 2/15-1/18 0.054
T. W-M Fan, T. Izumi, X. Shi 1R21 ES025669-01 Mitochondrial Metabolic Reprogramming and DNA Damage in Arsenic Carcinogenesis 6/15-5/18 0.413
D. St. Clair (PD), T. Fan, MPI 2T32ES007266-26A1 Training Grant in Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity 7/16-6/21  
C. Wang (PD), H. Moseley (MPI) R21 CA205778 Statistical Detection and Biochemical Classification of Cancer Driver Mutation Patterns in Biological Networks 08/01/16-07/31/18 0.564
S. Biswal (T. Fan subcontract) 1R01CA206155-01 Crosstalk of LKB1 and KEAP1 mutations in driving growth of lung adenocarcinoma 4/15/16-3/31/17 0.05
A.N. Lane (PD), T. Fan, S. Arnold Administrative supplement to 1P01CA163223-01A1 - 1/1/16-12/31/16 0.072
C. Wang, R. Flight, H. Moseley NCI R03CA211835 -01 “Differential Abundance Methods for Large Heterogeneous-Featured Metabolomics Datasets” 9/14/16-8/31/17 0.145
D. St. Clair (A. Lane, R. Higashi Metabolism Core Directors) NIGMS P20GM121327 "University of Kentucky Center for Cancer and Metabolism" Metabolism Core 3/31/17-2/28/22 1.02
J. Liu (PD) and R. Higashi (MPI) 1 R03 CA222449-01 “Algorithms for Accurate and Scalable Identification of Isotopologues from Mass Spectrometry Data “
2018-2019 0.15
T. W-M. Fan (PI) & .M. Higashi (co-I) 2R01ES019616-06 ASPIRE: Air Pollution: Strategies for Personalized Intervention to Reduce Exposure: subcontract
E. Repasky (A.N. Lane & T. W-M. Fan subcontract) R01 CA205246 Understanding how adrenergic signaling influences immune contexture of tumors and the efficacy of checkpoint inhibitors: subcontract from RPMI/ E. Repasky 2018-2023 0.45
D. St. Clair (T. Fan, H. Moseley, co-Is) 5R01 CA73599 Redox Regulation of Tumor Suppression by MnSOD 12/18/17-11/30/22  
T. Barrett, UKy (A. Lane co-I) 1 R21 DK118954-01 Peripheral Blood Exosome Lipids as Biomarkers of Disease Activity in Crohn’s Disease 9/1/18-20  
R. Wang (T.. Fan, A. Lane subcontract) 1U01CA232488-01 Metabolic reprogramming of tumor microenvironment to maximize immunotherapy for pediatric cancers 09/17/2018 – 06/30/2023  
      24.62 Total

Center Supported

Summary of known extramural funding that is supported by the Center.
PD/PI Grant / Title Period Total Award ($M)
X. Fu (U. Louisville) NSF CBET-1159829 - A Chemoselective Microreactor Device for Trace Carbonyl VOC Analysis 08/15/12 - 07/31/15 0.3
J. Albrecht (U. Minnesota) NIDDK R01 DK054921-15 Cyclin D1/CDK4 Complex in Hepatocyte Proliferation 5/1/14-4/30/16 1.5
T. Gao (U. Kentucky) NCI 2R01 CA133429-08 : The Role of PHLPP in Colon Cancer 11/14-10/19 1.68
K. Ghoshal (Ohio State U.) NIDDK R01 Role of miRNA-122 in hepatocarcinogenesis using conditional knock out mice 2/15-1/20 1.5
S.R. Allie (U. Alabama) NIH F32 Establishment and metabolic control of influenza-specific lung resident memory B cells 6/15-6/18 0.165
F. Onono (U. Kentucky) NCI K01CA197073 -01 "Intestinal phosphatidylcholine exposure and breast cancer risk" 7/1/15-6/30/20 0.702
P.P. Scaglioni (UT S. Western) CPRIT: Mutant KRAS reprograms lipid homeostasis in lung cancer establishing treatment opportunities 2015-2017  
B.M. Evers (U. Kentucky) NIDDK 5R01 DK048498-21: "Mechanistic Impact of P13K /mTOR Signaling on Intestinal Homeostasis" 7/15-6/20 1.82
P. Hosein, R.M. Higashi (U. Kentucky) CCSG “A pilot neoadjuvant study in patients with resectable pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma as a platform for in-vivo testing of novel therapies”
1/1/16-12/31/17 0.05
V. Ragnekar & B.M. Evers (U. Kentucky) NIH T32 Training Grant 5/1/16-  
M. Chen (U. Kentucky) KLCRP 2016-2018 0.15
E. Hahn (U. Kentucky) KLCRP " Radon and Tobacco Smoke Exposure Biomarkers of Lung Cancer Risk " 2016-2018 0.15
V. Boussiotis (BIDMC) NCI “Effects of PGE2 on reconstitution of hematopoiesis and immunity in UCBT” (supplement to parent grant: R01CA183605 -01) 2016-2017  
D. St. Clair, UKY (Lane, Fan, Higashi co-Is) NIGMS P20GM121327 "University of Kentucky Center for Cancer and Metabolism" 3/2017-3/2022 11.12
Q. Wei, UKY (A. Lane Co-I) KLCRP "Sulfiredoxin-mediated Metabolic Alterations in non small cell lung cancer " 1/2018-12/2019 0.15
R. Xu, UKY (A. Lane co-I) NCI 1R01CA215095-01 "Roles of RORalpha in Breast Cancer Development and Progression" 7/17-6/22 1.72
X. Shi, UKY (T. Fan, R. Higashi co-Is) NIEHS 1P30ES026529-01A1 Center for Appalachian Research in Environmental Sciences 2017-2022 1.496 (annual)
B. M. Evers, UKY NIDDK R01 DK103913 Neurotensin regulation, secretion and function in health and disease 2017-2022  
B. M. Evers & T. Gao, UKY (R Higashi co-I) NCI R01 Altered Lipid Metabolism as a Novel Target for Colon Cancer Treatment 2017-2022  
S. Rajagopalan (Case Western) 2R01ES019616-06 ASPIRE: Air Pollution: Strategies for Personalized Intervention to Reduce Exposure 9/30/2017-7/31/2021 1.324 total
E. Repasky (Roswell Park MI) NCI R01CA205246 Understanding how adrenergic signaling influences immune contexture of tumors and the efficacy of checkpoint inhibitors 2018-2023  
D. St. Clair (UKY) 5R01 CA73599 Redox Regulation of Tumor Suppression by MnSOD 12/18/17-11/30/22 0.424 total annual
M. Gentry/ R. Sun, UKy (A Lane co-I) KLCRP Contribution of EPM2A and glycogen in NCSLC metabolism and tumorigenesis 11/17-11/19 0.13 total
T. Barrett, UKy 1 R21 DK118954-01 Peripheral Blood Exosome Lipids as Biomarkers of Disease Activity in Crohn’s Disease 9/1/18-20 0.425 total
R. Wang (Nationwide Children's, Columbus) 1U01CA232488-01 Metabolic reprogramming of tumor microenvironment to maximize immunotherapy for pediatric cancers 09/17/2018 – 06/30/2023  
B.M. Evers & N. Vanderford, UKy (T. Fan, A.Lane mentors) R25 Appalachian Career Training in Oncology (ACTION) Program 10/18-9/  

Recent News


Summary of publications (co)-authored by Center faculty.


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* Editor's Choice


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Others using the facilities:
  • Unruh, D. et al. (2016) Mutant IDH1 and thrombosis in gliomas. Acta Neuropathologica 132, 917-930

2015 (9)

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2013 (9)

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